Thursday, August 2, 2012

Decision at the Crossroads

There is something about Blues imagery that I can't seem to escape.  To me, the attraction is in the realization that such extreme creativity can emerge from poverty, isolation, oppression and boredom in a place like the Mississippi Delta (arguably the Fertile Crescent of modern American music).  Unfortunately, "Blues Art" has grown into a great cliche in Mississippi galleries, BUT it is deeply ingrained within the culture there.  I personally think every Mississippian should own 'blues art'...that is our mythology and history.

In this illustration, "Decision at the Crossroads", bluesman Robert Johnson is shown prancing away from the devil after exchanging his soul for instant guitar mastery.  The legend came as an explanation for Johnson's quick transition from guitar novice to blues master in under 2 years.

I feel like there is a bigger issue here that has universal up something eternal for something ephemeral.  Don't we do this?